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Meetings and Hosted Events

Use MyEvents for Meetings and Hosted Events to claim expenses for business entertainment, a meeting, or certain other university sponsored events:

  • Reimburse an employee as a host or meeting / event coordinator
  • Reimburse the Travel Card of an employee as host or meeting / event coordinator
  • Issue a payment or deposit directly to a vendor / merchant

Entertainment: Providing meals or light refreshments for an official UCSD business purpose. There is a clear guest-host relationship in which a designated host invites an official guest(s) to attend an event.

Meetings: Providing meals or light refreshments to participants, subject to certain policy and approval requirements. Meetings typically have no clear guest-host relationship and the activity is distinct from the definition of business entertainment.

Establish MyEvents before the event/meeting (To use MyEvents, you need access to the entertainment template (ENT/EN), which electronically routes your MyEvents document for approval)

  • Know your budget (how much you are allowed to spend)
  • Know your budget (index) number
  • Keep all food, beverage, accommodation receipts (note: supplies are not reimbursed through this application)
  • Sign in sheet/guest list required