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GL Project Balances

The GL Project Balances report provides a summary of a project's beginning balance, expenses, and ending balances. It can be a helpful tool for Student Life staff to monitor projects throughout the fiscal year.


It is recommended to not use Google Chrome when running Cognos reports. Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer are alternative options.

How to launch the GL Project Balances report:

  1. Navigate to the Business Analytics Hub (BAH).
  2. Select Budget & Finance.
  3. Click GL Project Balances from the list to launch the report.

How to run the GL Project Balances report:

  1. Accounting Year - Select the current fiscal year (2023)
  2. Accounting Period - Select the current month
  3. If running the entire financial unit, select from only one of the Fin Unit prompts (preferably the last menu titled Fin Unit)
  4. If running one or more projects, input the project number(s) in the Project Number prompt.
    1. Select the project number from the left side and move it to the right Choices area.
    2. Multiple project numbers can be searched at one time by adding a space between each project number (Example: 2005114 2012592)

For any questions, reach out to your SLBO Business Manager.