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Return to Site Resources for Staff


On-Campus Checklist

Returning to campus and don’t know where to start? Visit the Return to Campus webpage to review the steps needed prior to arriving for work or study. If you have further questions, additional resources are provided as well as ways to stay informed of the latest updates.   

Reminder: Submit Vaccination Documentation

If you have not already done so, please submit your vaccination documentation as soon as possible. All students and employees must provide proof by Sept. 6 to comply with the UC mandate. Those requesting an exception or deferral must submit by Sept. 2. 

Delay in Processing Vaccine Exceptions

Please note that Sedgwick, our third-party administrator that is managing the exception and deferral request process, is experiencing delays in processing requests. We have a record if you have initiated a request through the Qualtrics survey. If you are unsure about whether your request is pending, do not submit another request, but instead reach out to to confirm your request is pending. 

Masking Indoors

Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask or face covering at all indoor locations at UC San Diego, except while eating and drinking.

The exception to this rule would be for a single individual in an office with a closed door. Learn more about campus safety guidelines and requirements.

Indoor Events

Indoor events are temporarily not allowed through October 31, 2021, unless by vice chancellor exception using the formal event approval process. Indoor events that can be convened virtually should be held online. Outdoor events, while still permitted at this time, should be considered carefully to avoid large crowds. Learn more about event planning guidelines.

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Dashboard for Supervisors

As part of UC San Diego’s efforts to ensure compliance with the University of California COVID-19 Policy, campus supervisors now have access to a dashboard that allows them to view compliance with the mandate among employees (including academic appointees), volunteers, and others they directly supervise (as documented in UCPath). Learn more about the UC vaccine mandate, including how to submit proof of vaccination.  

The COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Compliance Dashboard does not contain any medical information, but rather indicates whether an individual is Compliant, Compliant with potential additional requirements or Not Compliant. Critical to this compliance process is accurate Work Location Status documentation. If you have not updated your Work Location Status since July 2021, please do so immediately, and each time your Work Location Status changes.

Supervisors: Get Familiar with the Dashboard  

Beginning Tuesday, September 7, 2021, supervisors should begin accessing and familiarizing themselves with the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Compliance Dashboard with no further action until September 13. Beginning on Monday, September 13, supervisors are required to check the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Compliance Dashboard each work day, following the steps below to ensure all employees are in compliance.   

Additional resources and information can be found on our COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Compliance Dashboard page

Technical Prerequisites for Accessing the Dashboard

You must have DUO Two-Step Log In enabled.

If you are not accessing the dashboard from a UC San Diego worksite, you must be logged on to the campus VPN.

How to Use the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Compliance Dashboard (for Supervisors)

  1. Log in to the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Compliance Dashboard using your Active Directory credentials (without, either from a UC San Diego worksite or while logged into the campus VPN. 
  2. Review the list of individuals you supervise. This list is generated using the “reports to” field in UCPath. The following information will display for each individual listed:
    • a. Name
    • b. Supervisor
    • c. Work location status
      • All employees are required to submit the Work Location Status Form, which collects employee work schedules and locations (including remote work). If you notice that an employee has not updated their work location status form since July 2021 or the information is inaccurate, please direct them to do so. Learn more about the Work Location Status form
    • d. Date and status of most recent symptom screening
    • COVID-19 Policy Compliance Status
  3. For individuals who display as Compliant, no action is required.
  4. For individuals who display as Not Compliant, starting September 13, 2021, reach out to your local Human Resources contact who will determine the nature of the non-compliance and provide guidance about next steps.

Vaccine Mandate Compliance for Volunteers

Please note that volunteers are considered “Personnel” and are also subject to the University of California COVID-19 Policy, with no exemptions or deferrals allowed locally. All staff volunteers active as of September 1, 2021 have been centrally uploaded into UCPath as Contingent Workers (CWRs). This inclusion in the UCPath population will allow them to be displayed in the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Compliance Dashboard.  

Going forward, departments are responsible for uploading all new volunteers into UCPath as Contingent Workers (CWRs) and ensuring their compliance with the vaccine mandate using the dashboard. Any questions related to Staff CWR policies and guidelines should be directed to the Records division within Human Resources at

Visit the Return to Learn website for the most up-to-date information about campus operations and guidelines.