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Kronos Logon:  UCSD.KRONOS.NET

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Kronos?

Kronos is a Time and Attendance system that captures your time via a time clock, desktop, or mobile device.

What is the benefit of the transition to Kronos?

  • Kronos 100% online processing, eliminating the need for paper timekeeping processes.
  • Timesheets are interfaced directly the PPS System for more efficient pay processing.
  • Calculation of overtime is automated to ensure accuracy and efficiency
  • Employees can view leave balances in real time
  • Employees can forecast leave balances for planned time off i.e. December campus closure
  • Employees can view and approve their time on-line
  • Supervisors can approve employee’s time on-line
  • Kronos will offer a mobile solution for supervisor’s approvals and remote punches
  • Kronos will mirror MyTime

Why is this change necessary?

Upgrading to Kronos will enable us to improve through technology the reporting of time reported, and the management functions associated with processing time, attendance and leave management.

The change will also align us with UCPATH and other campus systems.

Will everyone be required to move to Kronos?

Yes, all students and staff who are required to record time will move to Kronos from the paper timecards, MyTime or current time clocks.

I’m an exempt employee; will I be required to use Kronos?

Yes. You will go live at the same time as non-exempt.

As a student, how will the implementation of a new timekeeping system affect my pay?

No, your hourly rate will not change, and your bi-weekly or monthly pay dates will not change.

Will the change affect my direct deposit?

No, there will be no change to your direct deposit. You don’t have to do anything.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

The student Life Business office (SLBO) MSO and HR manager will be the project lead Doug Carlone or Zaneta Stinson.  Please see the SLBO website for news and updates.

When do I officially begin to use Kronos and stop my current system?

Student Life staff will go live in one phase, we will notify you of the timing, we will send out communication to keep you informed.  Check the Student Life HR web page for updates.

What is the Kronos timecard process?

  • Student employees will punch in & out for each shift worked; at the end of the pay period they submit their time
  • Managers/supervisors review and approve employee hours worked and/or leave taken.  As necessary, they will work with the employee and/or departmental Timekeepers to correct any missed punches/shifts.
  • Timekeepers review timecards to ensure approvals are complete prior to payroll upload deadline. For incomplete timecards or timecards with errors, they work with the supervisors to finalize timecards prior to payroll upload deadline.