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 Current Recruitments:  5/13/2022


Req# Working Title
111897 Exec Assistant & Special Project/Programs Admin
113620 SPACES Community Programs Advisor
114324 Associate Director, Sorority & Fraternity Life
114893 Student Life Assistant Fund Manager
115140 Student Life Fund Assistant
115343 Custodial Supervisor 1 (Swing Shift)
115454 Community Service Program Manager
115455 Community Service Program Manager
115500 Maintenance Mechanic
115501 Student Organizations Advisor and Program Manager
115734 Assistant Director - Student Events Office
115862 Human Resources Coordinator
115971 Student Governments, Auxiliaries and Srvcs Asst.
116053 Director, Student Govts, Auxiliaries & Services
116058 Associated Students Programs Assistant
116230 Program Manager, CSI Communication and Leadership

Ready to begin your recruitment?   Start with step 1 & 2:

  1. SLHR-Intake-Questionnaire - Please start with this form.
  2. Begin a Recruitment through the Service Desk (login required)




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shortest period for posting?

7-days is the shortest posting period for a non-represented positions and 2-weeks for union-represented positions. Student Life’s practice is to post for 2 weeks which makes the best pairing for external advertising and to attract the best candidate pool.

What positions require consideration of internal candidates first?

Select payroll titles will automatically fall under the UCSD internal recruitment program, however, currently all PSS level positions are eligible for this program by department request. MSP positions are reviewed on a case by case basis by Human Resources for this program.

What positions automatically fall under internal recruitment?

  • Assistant III
  • Administrative specialist
  • Assistant through senior administrative analyst
  • Administrative coordinator
  • Student affairs officer I-IV
  • Programmer analyst II

How long will it take to post my position on the UCSD Job Bulletin?

Once Student Life HR (SLHR) receives and assigns your requisition. It take 1-2 business days to process and central HR is allotted 3-business days to process. However in most cases, the average turnaround is 2-business days for replacement positions and 3- business days for new positions.

Who should I call if I have a question about my recruitment?

Once your requisition is submitted, your recruitment will be assigned to a Student Life HR (SLHR) staff member. You may contact them directly or contact the SLHR main line at 858-246-1900 for immediate assistance.

Am I required to name a Recruitment/Committee Chair?

No, the hiring supervisor or Chair can maintain forward movement, and perform the following duties:

  • Liaison between hiring authority, committee, and human resources.
  • Calls all meetings
  • Arrange interview logistics
  • Ensure charge is being carried out
  • Ensure proper records and minutes are being kept and recorded
  • Other duties as requested by supervisor/hiring authority

How do I know what to list for the appointment type?

An appointment type references the percentage of time the employee is expected to work. Since most positions are hired at full-time, the Recruitment Form defaults to 100%. However, Student Life hires employees, such as Lead Baristas, Sr. Scene Technicians, and Short-Term Exceptions, at various percentages. In these cases, the appointment percentage would need to be adjusted prior to submitting the request. It’s important to note that the job description being used should reflect the correct appointment/percentage type. If it does not, a new job description should be created. Contact SLHR for more information.

How is the screening criteria determined?

The screening criteria is derived from the Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities (KSAs) of the job description. Criteria used for screening is presumed to be easily identifiable on an applicant's resume.

How is the interview criteria determined?

Like the screening criteria, the interview criteria (also known as the selection criteria) is derived from the Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities (KSAs) of the job description. The supervisor/hiring authority has more flexibility to align the interview questions with the selection criteria and it’s recommended that soft skills, such as interpersonal and communication skills, be considered as part of the selection criteria.

Job Posting Sites: 

All staff vacancies are advertised at no cost to the department in the following publications through membership subscriptions acquired by Campus Human Resources:

  3. America'
  5.  ( Includes a network of niche websites, listed below. )


Additional Advertising/Diversity Options and Cost per posting.

  1. = $50 per week
  2. Veterans Job Network = $200
  3. =  $175 for  30 day posting
  4. =  $250 for 30 days
  5. (Union Tribune) Job Network UT San Diego = $449
  6. InsideHigherEd  = $500
  7. =We can do a Sponsored posting, which you pay per Click up to the budgeted amount the hiring department wants to spend.
  8. IMDiversity  =  $175 / 30 day
  9. Educause = $435
  10. American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity. - $299
  11. - $175 (30 day posting.)
  12. Insight into Diversity - Affirmative Action Register. - $419
  13. Historically Black Colleges & Universities. - $345
  14. Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. - $230 
  15. Association of University Technology Managers. - Price for Non-Members $349 (30 day posting.)
  16. NASPA Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education 
    1. Also includes: The Placement Exchange $255
  17. American College Personnel Association (ACPA) $300
  18. Chronicle of Higher Education $485