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Student Life Business and Financial Team

Concur Information

View SLBO's resources for Concur including the direct Concur website, "how-to" knowledge based articles, tips & tricks, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Other Concur Resources

Gifts and Awards

Information from Blink on gifts and awards and how to pay for them.

More on Gifts and Awards

Procurement Card

Blink information on how to use the P-Card and manage accounts, roles, and transactions.

More on P-Card

Travel & Enter-tainment Card

Information from Blink on how to use the T&E Card for official UC San Diego business.

More on T&E Card

Oracle Resources

View SLBO's resources for Oracle including the direct Oracle website, financial lookup tools, "how-to" knowledge based articles, Blink information, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Remote Work Guidelines

More information on reimbursable expenses for remote work and non-reimbursable expenses for virtual meetings.

Services & Support (SNOW)

Services & Support (SNOW) is a service portal for Budget & Finance, IT, HR, and more. Utilize SNOW to get help via ticket submission, find answers from knowledge based articles, and manage your tickets through "My Stuff".

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