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Kronos Job Aids


Kronos Tutorials: Biweekly Time Reporting in Kronos

Hourly Timecard Tutorial Biweekly Staff excluding SX Staff

SX Custodians & SBUX Hourly Timecard Tutorial

Kronos Time Entry Methods & Correspoding Job Aids

Time Entry Method Employees Who Will Use Job Aid To Use
InTouch Swipe
  • Starbucks Students & Staff
  • Bussing/Custodial Students & Staff
  • Bike & Skate Students
  • Maintenance Students
  • Marketing Students
  • Tech Services Students
  • House Manager Students
  • Gameroom Students
  • Sustainability Students
  • IT Students
  • Human Resources Students
  • Graphic Studio Students
  • Webmaster Students
  • Box Office Students
  • CSI Site Leader Students
  • CSI Farmers Market Students
  • CSI Greek Students
  • CSI TCLI Students
  • SILC Students
  • SLBO Students
  • UEO Students
  • Short-Term Exceptions (optional)
Clock-In/Out Job Aid (PDF)
Desktop - by exception (exempt)
  • All Monthly Staff
Exempt Employee Job Aid (PDF)
Desktop - by exception (non-exempt)
  • All Bi-Weekly Staff
*except Starbucks & Custodial Staff
Hourly (Non-Exempt) Employees Job Aid (PDF)
Desktop - Timestamp
  • ArtPower Students
  • SPACES Students
  • CSI Community Service Students
  • Food Pantry Students
  • Hourly GSA Students
  • Short-Term Exceptions (optional)
Hourly Timestamp Employees Job Aid (PDF)
Desktop - By Agreements (BYA)
  • Associated Students Elected Students
  • Associated Students Appointed Students
  • Guardian BYA Students
  • UCAB Students
By-Agreement Employee Reference Guide (PDF)
  • Triton Outfitters Students
  • ArtPower Usher Students
  • CSI CST Students
  • CSI 3FT Students
Kronos Mobile User Guide (PDF)