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Concur Travel & Expense

Concur provides a best-in-class solution for booking, managing, and reconciling travel. It is also used for reconciliation of the Express Card and employee reimbursements.

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Concur is used in place of MyTravel, MyPayments, EC Manager, the EC Attachment tool and the Travel templates in AccessLink.

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Concur Basics

How to...

Procurement Card

Visit SLBO's P-Card Page

Procurement Card Cardholders are reminded to ensure transactions are expensed in Concur and Expense Reports are submitted within the month they occurred. Transactions are considered aging, if they have not been expensed within 30 days of the purchase. Read the KBA for instructions on how to reconcile transactions and create a Procurement Card Expense Report.   

Travel and Entertainment Card

Visit SLBO's T&E Card Page

All Travel and Entertainment Card Product transactions (including T&E Card, CTS Air, CTS Hotel, and T&E - Temporary Virtual Card), are required to be reconciled within 45 days from the end date of the trip or event. 

Purchases that are made in advance of travel, such as flights or conference registrations should be added to the Expense Report that they belong to. This will push the 45-day reconciliation window forward to the travel end date that is noted in the expense report. Assigning the transactions to a work-in-progress expense report will indicate to Concur that it can stop sending any of the unassigned transaction notification emails that it normally sends to employees.  

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Concur Tips & Tricks 

Tips & Tricks for Concur

Tips & Tricks

How To

Email Receipts Directly to Concur

First, verify your email address in Concur.

Email receipts to or to have them readily available in your Concur receipt bank.

Delegates emailing receipts on behalf of another Employee should provide the User's verified email address in the Subject Line of the email.

Digitize Receipts with the Concur Mobile App

Utilize the Concur Mobile App to digitize receipts while on the go. Features include:

  • Capture receipt images from your mobile device to attach your business expenses and University Card transactions.
  • Using Expenseit, you can instantly turn receipts into Concur expense entries.

View the App Center in Concur for more information on how to link your UC San Diego account to these Travel & Expense Apps.

Write a Strong Business Purpose

A key component of a successful Travel & Entertainment expense report is a strong and valid Business Purpose. Below are examples of well-documented business purposes that departments have included in their expense reports:

  • Attended the XYZ Conference to present our research findings and collaborate with other investigators in the field of XYZ.
  • Hosted the ABC Event to welcome and support new UC San Diego Alumni. This was a great opportunity to connect our new Triton alumni with other Tritons in the region and build mentorships with incoming and current students.
  • Retirement celebration event for Employee Z to recognize 30 years of dedicated service to UC San Diego.
  • Staff event for the XYZ team to celebrate recent fiscal year successes and conduct team building activities.
  • Invited to the ABC Conference as the keynote speaker in City A. We then learned of an unexpected opportunity to meet with a potential donor in City B thus needed to purchase last minute airfare which was slightly higher in cost due to the lack of advanced notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "WalkMe"?

WalkMe will provide self-service, in-system guidance to walk users through tasks as they navigate many of the new FIS systems launching this year. To take advantage of this new technology users will need to confirm the browser add-on has been successfully installed.

Visit to confirm that your browser is ready for WalkMe. If the browser extension has not been installed or is not working properly, please contact your IT support staff.

What is the "SSO Company Code" to log into the app via SSO?

If you go under ProfileOther SettingsConcur Mobile Registration, it should have the Company Code.

I am entering the COA into the Expense Report and one or more fields are being rejected. How do I submit this?

For COA’s, do not enter if the value is “0”. Leave blank.