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Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Card

T&E Card Overview on Blink

To keep in step with industry trends and in conjunction with the Oracle and Concur Travel & Expense initiative, the Travel Card is changing to a corporate bill model, rebranded as the Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Card.

All Travel and Entertainment Card Product transactions (including T&E Card, CTS Air, CTS Hotel, and T&E - Temporary Virtual Card), are required to be reconciled within 45 days from the end date of the trip or event. 

Purchases that are made in advance of travel, such as flights or conference registrations should be added to the Expense Report that they belong to. This will push the 45-day reconciliation window forward to the travel end date that is noted in the expense report. Assigning the transactions to a work-in-progress expense report will indicate to Concur that it can stop sending any of the unassigned transaction notification emails that it normally sends to employees.  

What is a T&E Card?

Like the Procurement Card program, all T&E transactions are automatically paid by the university. Transactions will load into UC San Diego's Concur Travel & Expense tool for quick and easy travel and event reconciliation. Simply match your card transaction to the appropriate expense report and submit!

Who can hold a T&E Card?

UC San Diego T&E Cards are issued to employees who travel and entertain for business. Cards are also issued to event planners who host or arrange meetings and entertainment events for campus. Concur will offer a streamlined application process!

What can the T&E Card be used for?

  • Official UC San Diego business travel services for the cardholder only.
  • Entertainment expenses when the cardholder is acting as the host of official University-sponsored business entertainment

How do I sign up for Real-Time Fraud Alerts?

Register your account in U.S. Bank Access Online to sign up for fraud alerts and view statements, transactions, and available credit.

Sign up for Real-Time Fraud Alert

If the bank suspects fraudulent activity on your Procurement Card, it will put an "account alert" on the card and call you to:

  • Review recent transactions and account activity
  • Identify fraudulent activity
  • Cancel the card (if necessary) and issue a replacement card
  • Credit the account for any fraudulent transactions

To register for fraud alerts:

  1. Log in to Access Online.
  2. Go to My Personal Information > Account Alerts > Fraud Alerts to enroll.
  3. Provide or confirm your contact information, select how you would like to receive your alerts (text/email), accept the terms and conditions, and click Submit.
    • For text alerts, you will receive a text confirming your selection.
  4. How To Answer Fraud Alerts: U.S. Bank cardholders can elect to receive a real-time fraud alert via SMS text and/or email when suspicious activity has been detected on their Procurement Card. You will be able to reply on the spot that the transaction is valid or fraudulent, ensuring fewer unnecessary declines and quick protection in the event of attempted fraud.
  5. If you receive a fraud alert via SMS text, your card will be put in “FR” (fraud) status, and subsequent activity will be declined. You will have 15 minutes to respond “valid” or “fraud.”
    • By responding “valid,” the fraud block on your card will be cleared, and no further transactions will be affected. By confirming “fraud,” your card will be protected from additional activity. You can either call the number provided in the text, or a U.S. Bank fraud agent will contact you shortly.
    • If you receive an email alert, you should call the service center number provided in your email.
      • You will not be able to respond to the email to clear the fraud. The alert will follow the existing fraud-detection process, and a U.S. Bank fraud analyst will call you.

Once your account has been registered these tools will become available through USBank:

View Transactions
  1. Go to U.S. Bank Access Online.
  2. From the Welcome/Login page:
    • Enter Organization Short Name (UCSD), User ID and Password.
    • Click the Login button.
    • View Transactions
  3. From the Access Online page:
    • Click Transaction Management in the left-hand navigation bar.
    • From the Transaction Management page, click the Transaction List link - you will see a list of transactions for the open billing cycle.
    • To view transactions from a different billing cycle, click the arrow next to ‘Open’, select a billing cycle and click the Search button. You can also search for specific transactions using the expanded Search Criteria.
View Statements
  1. After logging in, click Account Information in the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click the Cardholder Account Statement link.
  3. Using the drop-down menu, select a billing cycle and click the View Statement button. You can view statements for the last 2 years.
View Available Credit
  1. After logging in, click Account Information in the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click the Cardholder Account Profile link then click the Authorization Limits link. You will see your available credit for the current cycle.
Note: The new cycle begins the 16th of each month unless the 16th falls on a weekend or holiday, in which case the cycle begins on the next business day.

How to...

What other resources are available?

Is there an easy to manage receipts while on the go?

The SAP Concur for Mobile App is an easy way to keep track of your receipts. Simply download the app from the App Center in Concur and start uploading your receipts. For more guidance on how to download the app and upload your receipts, please reference the “How to Manage Receipts with the Concur Mobile App” KBA. 

How to Request a New T&E Card (Student Life)


  • Before applying for a Travel & Entertainment Card, please review the Travel & Entertainment Card Blink Pages for what restrictions and regulations apply to the card.
  • Only a cardholder can submit a new card request in Concur.
  • The request will be routed to the Student Life Designated Administrator (Jamie Atkinson) and Financial Unit approver before reaching the Travel & Entertainment Card team for review.

Critical Concepts

One document is required to be uploaded to the T&E Card request. Staff may also request a T&E Card on behalf of an employee as long as they are a delegate for that employee. View the instructions below.

How to Request a New Travel & Entertainment Card

Attachments Required to Complete T&E Card Request

Request on Behalf of Another Employee

  • To process a Travel & Entertainment Card Request on behalf of another UCSD employee, the employee will need to add you as their delegate. How to act as a Delegate in Concur.
  • Concur identifies the employee payee under the Payment Type: Payment to Employee as the user submitting the expense report, or the user that the delegate is acting on behalf of. 

To learn how to assign users to act on your behalf, please see the KBA on How to add a Request Delegate and an Expense Delegate in Concur.