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Gifts and Awards

Employee gifts and awards are allowable for a variety of specific reasons, and all have detailed limits on how much can be sent. Please contact the business office for assistance with a transaction of this nature.

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How to Request Gift Cards, Giveaways, Prizes, Opportunity Drawings, etc.

Procurement Cards (P-Cards) cannot be used to purchase any gift cards, giveaways, prizes, opportunity drawings, etc.

There are some instances when the Travel & Entertainment (T&E Card) can be used. These are very specific, and are limited. If you would like to purchase gift cards/ giveaways/ prizes/ opportunity drawings for a specific event, and would like to use your T&E Card, submit a SNOW (Services and Support) ticket.

  • You will need to include details of the purchase, including $ value, nature of the event, description of recipients, and a business purpose for providing the cards, giveaways, prizes, opportunity drawings, etc.
  • Campus will review the request before enabling the purchase on the T&E Card, or whether another form of payment should be used. 
  • View this screenshot on the appropriate path to select in the SNOW ticket for these types of requests on the T&E Card. 

You may not use a Department Order, Procurement Card, or Oracle to purchase gifts because these processes do not allow for approval by the appropriate person. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Guidelines for Gift Cards for Events

Gift cards can be used as an incentive during events, but the following should be observed:

  • Cards should be used as "opportunity drawings" and stated in advance of the event. (i.e. 10 gift cards will be randomly given at the end of the event.)
  • Do not give a gift card to every participant.
  • Students hosting or programming the event that are on pay status cannot receive a gift card.
  • Cumulative gifts cannot exceed more than $600 per student in a calendar year.
  • Limit the amount of each gift card to $15 to $20.
  • Gift cards for food for virtual meetings are not reimbursable per UCOP guidelines for remote work during shelter-in-place. Read more.

How to Request Vanilla Visa Gift Cards

Vanilla Visa Gift Cards can be requested directly through Concur. Since these are physical cards, they will need to be mailed to recipients. Learn more through the Knowledge Based Article.

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Procedure for Recharging Bookstore Gift Cards

View instructions on how to purchase UCSD Bookstore gift cards on a recharge through a Services & Support request.

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Procedure for Recharging Price Center Starbucks Gift Cards

View instructions on how to purchase UCSD Price Center Starbucks gift cards on a recharge through a Services & Support request.

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