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On-Campus and Off-Campus Accounts

All registered student organizations have an on-campus account within the Student Life Business Office (SLBO) where deposits, department funding, gifts and donations are housed. These funds are managed by the SLBO Fund Managers and can only be used for on-campus TAP events. Funds collected during the academic year must be used by June 30th of that academic year.  See below for information on how to make deposits for TAP events, department sponsored funding requirements, gift and donation guidelines, tax ID numbers, and off-campus accounts.

How to Make Deposits for TAP Events

Principal members from your student organization can deposit funds, via eMarket, with the Student Life Business Office (SLBO) for Triton Activities Planner (TAP) event-related expenses. Have a specific expense module in TAP that requires a deposit into your SLBO on-campus account. The student organization's Fund Manager will send you a TAP message with the amount needed and the eMarket (due within 48 hours), or submit a Cashier's Deposit Form. 

Process if using Cashier's Office:
Required by the 14-day TAP deadline, bring cash or check in the amount needed for your TAP event to the Central Cashier's Office.

  • Checks must be made payable to UC Regents
  • Business hours and location details to the Central Cashier's Office can be found at the bottom of their webpage.
  • The ticket number provided by your Fund Manager is required upon processing

Student organization on-campus funds will be used prior to Associated Students (AS) Funding for any on-campus events in Winter and Spring quarter. Any unused balance in your account will remain available for use towards future on-campus events or qualifying supplies expenses.

The student organization’s SLBO Fund Manager can provide principal members with your organization's account balance upon request. Contact your SLBO Fund Manager.

Department Sponsored Funding

Department sponsored funding provided to student organizations must be used for their intended purposes, for programs and services related to the mission of the student organization. Funding can only be housed in the Student Life Business Office if the event also has Associated Students and/or Triton Community Funding; otherwise, the funding must be housed and accessed through the sponsoring department.

Principal members should have a fiscal contact from the sponsoring department email their SLBO Fund Manager directly, to confirm the approved funding.

All approved funds should be received no later than 14 days prior to the event date.

The email to your SLBO fund manager, confirming the approved funds should include:

  • Name of Student Organization
  • Event Title and Event Date
  • Amount of approved funding
  • Provide stipulations or restrictions, if any, on how the funds may be used.
  • Department’s fiscal contact: Name, email, phone number
  • COA to recharge, or request a COA from SLBO, for the transfer to be made by the department

COA Recharge Guidelines:

If the department is authorizing the Student Life Business Office to charge expenses to their COA provided, aside from the information requested above, there is no additional action required by the department, or student organization.

If funding is to be provided via a transfer to the Student Life Business Office, the student organization’s fund manager will respond to the email, and provide the department contact with a COA for the transfer.

Transfer of Funds Guidelines:

  • Department funding does not roll over from year to year, and usually not from event to event unless noted. These funds must be used for the intended event, during the current academic year.
  • SLBO is not obligated to process unauthorized expenditures if there is not sufficient allocated funds received.
  • Please be advised, funds in university accounts are subject to university financial policies and procedures.

Please allow sufficient time for transfers to be made promptly, to meet TAP deadlines.

Receiving Gifts or Donations

Student Organization Gift Accounts

Student organization Gift funds may be used for on-campus events, operating expenditures, and campus recharges. Gift funds are subject to University financial policies and procedures, Student Life Business Office (SLBO) guidelines, and must also comply with any terms and conditions designated by the donor. 

Gift Funds Guidelines with SLBO

If the donation is event-related, and the donor does not require a charitable tax-deduction receipt, funds can be deposited directly with the Student Life Business Office. In this case, checks must be payable to UC Regents. The SLBO Fund Manager can manage any related financial transactions.

If a gift donation is for use off-campus, the funds must be managed directly by the student organization, and not the University. SLBO cannot make payments for any non-campus related expenses or services. If the donor needs a tax donation receipt, this must be worked out between the donor and the student organization. If the student organization has a National Chapter, a principal member should contact the National Chapter for the appropriate steps to accept donations and provide tax-deduction receipts.

SLBO only accepts Gift donations for on-campus event-related purposes. We will accept donor checks, then send them to the Gift Processing office for deposit into the student organization's Gift account. Once deposited, we can pay on-campus event-related expenses from this account. Please be advised, no withdrawals can be processed from Gift Accounts. Gift funds do not expire, and balances may be carried forward.

SLBO cannot accept funds for Research or Project based donations.  Since they do generate on-campus purchasing, these funds must be managed directly by a sponsoring Faculty Member's department.

Tax ID Number

Student organizations do not have their own tax identification number unless they have requested one from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the State of California. Student organizations are not eligible to use the University of California, San Diego tax ID number for the purpose of setting up a student organization bank account or for fundraisers. Your organization may apply for a tax ID through the government.

Student organizations that are a chapter of a national organization may be able to use the national organization's number. Contact your student organization's national organization.

UCSD Student Legal Services can assist you with the process of requesting a Tax ID Number with the IRS.  

Off-Campus Bank Accounts

Every bank account is required to have a tax identification number associated with it. Student organizations are not eligible to use the University of California San Diego tax ID number (Employer ID Number or EIN, or W-9) for the purpose of setting up a student organization bank account. Therefore, it is recommended that the organization apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS for use in the bank's tax reporting requirements. For more information on off-campus bank accounts, visit Off-Campus Bank Accounts for Student Organizations or contact your CSI Advisor.