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Performance Agreements

A performance agreement is a specialized contract between the University and an Artist or non-UCSD Speaker: Speaker/Lecturer, Band, DJ, Dance group, Other (e.g. magician, comedian, and jugglers). Performance Agreements are required when contracting with paid and non-paid performers, artists and speakers (due to University Policy, a performance agreement cannot be used or processed to compensate a UC employee, including student employees).

Quick Video Tutorial on Performance Agreements

Student Organization Events:

All performance agreements for student organization events must be processed through Triton Activities Planner (TAP). A "Performance Agreement Module" must be completed under TAP by the 14-day deadline. If your student organization has any questions about how to process a performance agreement through TAP, contact your organization's Center for Student Involvement (CSI) advisor for event planning.

Performance Agreement Process for TAP Events:

Before the Event

  1. The Student Organization enters the Performer/Speaker information, and payment amount if necessary, through the Performance Agreement module in the Event TAP, then submits it for review.  Contact your organization’s CSI advisor if you need assistance with this step.

  2. Once the TAP Event is Preliminary Reviewed by your CSI Advisor, your Fund Manager will complete the following. 

    • Forward the performance agreement request to the University Events Office for the agreement to be processed and sent to the performer.

    • Email the Performer/Speaker an invitation to PaymentWorks to set up their payment information with the University.

  3. Once the Performer/Speaker receives their Agreement, they need to complete the following: 

    • Check the Agreement so that their name and payment address information is correct, then sign/date the Agreement and return to the University Events Office Performance Agreement manager.

    • Complete payment setup in the University PaymentWorks system.

After the Event

  1. A registered Principal Member of the student organization will need to confirm via TAP message in the event that the Performer showed and completed their contracted performance.

  2. Once the performance has been confirmed, the Fund Manager will process the payment to the Performer.  As long as the performer has completed their payment information in the University system, they should expect payment approximately 2-3 weeks after the event.  If the performer has any questions regarding their payment, please direct them to your student organization's SLBO Fund Manager.

UC Campus Departments hiring a Student or Student Organization for on-campus events:

Hiring a Student Organization or a Student Performer from a Student Organization

When UC Campus Departments are hiring a student organization or a student performer from a student organization, a performance agreement must be completed. The performance agreement must be signed by a principal member of the student organization. Please contact the Student Organization Fund Manager to obtain a COA for payment.The hiring department must process a financial journal to the COA provided by the student organization fund manager.  


Student Organizations with their own Tax ID information (W-9) can be paid directly through a Services and Support (SNOW) ticket processed by the hiring department.

Some Student Organizations do not have a COA with the Student Life Business Office. If they do not have a Tax ID (W-9) for their organization, they have the option to choose a registered Principal Member of their organization to receive and manage the funds for their performance payment. This payment will then be processed through a Services and Support (SNOW) ticket by the hiring department.

Management of Funds through SLBO:

Funds transferred to an COA managed by the Student Life Business office cannot be withdrawn from the COA by any Student Organization. Funds are required to be used towards event expenses for events held on-campus by the performing Student Organization. If the Student Organization will not be holding an event on campus within 12 months of performance payment, they will need to work with the hiring department for payment through a Services and Support (SNOW) ticket.

Hiring an Individual Student to Perform (Non-Payment)

When hiring a student to perform on campus, who is not employed by a UC Campus Department and payment is not being made, a $0 performance agreement must be completed for insurance liability purposes. The W-9 is not required.

Hiring an Individual Student Employed by a UC Campus Department

When hiring a student who is employed by a UC Campus Department, but not associated with a student organization, a performance agreement must be completed. Payment will be processed through payroll by the hiring department’s Human Resources. Please note that the Student Life Business Office will not process payroll payments for UC employees/students.

For questions about student organization performance agreements, contact the Student Organization Fund Manager. For further information about performance agreements, visit University Events Office.